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Dune Strategy Tips. Players in DUNE must amass spice, convert it to effective weaponry, defenses, and other strategic aids, and then position themselves with enough forces to be able to suddenly move into key strongholds and defend them. The game will be won by daring, strategy, mobility, and treachery.


How can I use a Karama card to win a card in an auction? Answer:You can use the Karama to intervene in a bidding round for a specific Treachery card and take that card without paying spice for the card. Note: some players like to enter the bidding for a card and use the Karama to bid more spice than they have since they can purchase it at any ...

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Dec 29, 2004· Alternative Art and Errata. Courtesy of the hard work and research of Stuart M Klimek. This page updated 29/12/2004. Dune Yahoo Group. If you are interested in playing the Dune boardgame by Avalon Hill, please checkout the Yahoo group here:-

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Before bidding starts, all players must declare how many Treachery Cards they hold. The hand limit is 4. Players with 4 cards must pass during bidding. Dealer. One of the players deals cards from the Treachery Deck face down in a row, 1 card for each player who is allowed to bid. Auction. The first card in the row is now auctioned off for spice.

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This listing is for 3 Dune board game Treachery/Spice Cards. The cards are used with wear. Please email me with the 3 you want. I will update the availability as the cards sell. Available. Available. Available. Weather Control. 1. Shield . 4. The Minor Erg. 1. Baliset. 1. Family Atomics. 1. Broken Land. 1. Hajr. 1. Jabba Cloak. 1. Wind Pass ...

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Apr 20, 2019 - Some Treachery cards for Dune board game Dune Treachery cards

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Introduction. This Wiki explains how to use treachery.online.This game is based on the Dune Board Game, released by Avalon Hill in 1979.It was created during the COVID19 crisis in 2020 that made it impossible to physically play the recent Dune board game release by Gale Force Nine one of my friends purchased early 2020.




14 Treachery Cards: Shuffle the new Treachery Cards into the Treachery Deck. 1 Spice Card: Shuffle the rout Card into the Spice Deck. 11 Traitor Cards: Add these to the Traitor deck. As usual, remove the cards for all factions that are not in play from the Traitor Deck Prediction Cards: Add these to the Bene Gesserit Prediction Deck.

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DUNE Treachery Cards Chart Use this chart to record any Treachery Card information you may happen to gain. Record the information by writing the letter of the card holder in a space to the right of the card's name. Also, write D for cards which have been discarded. Knowing what cards an opponent might have, even if by process of elimination ...

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Emperor Alliance and Treachery Card bidding Having played my first game of Dune (GF9) yesterday, the Emperor and Spacing Guild were allied. When bidding on Treachery Cards, the Emperor wanted to pay for the Treachery Cards of his ally and said, he'd get …

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Added an indicator in the player display area when a Karama card has been played on that player. Improved the chat function but it still needs more work. Added tracking of treachery cards. Program remembers which cards have been seen by each player - important particularly for the Atreides. Fixed some obscure bugs with the Fremen client.

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Dune was first designed by Jack Kittredge, Bill Eberle, and Peter Olotka in 1979 under an Avalon Hill license.In 1984 Peter had Avalon Hill produce a new box cover featuring Sting to capitalize on David Lynch's flawed but interesting movie. Also in 1984, Jack, Peter, and Bill designed two Dune expansion sets - The Duel and Spice Harvest.

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DUNE PLAYER AID CARD (front) This version of the card contains information on the variant expansion powers IX and Bene Tleilaxu. TREACHERY CARDS A. These 25 cards can be played only in battle. 1. 4 Projectiles-- used as a weapon during battle. 2. 4 Shields-- defends your leader against any projectile used by your opponent in battle. 3.

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This set of Treachery and Spice cards match the originals, and all the variant cards from Spice Harvest, Duel, and the General magazine. There are 6 sheets of diecut cards 2x3 inches, they are larger than the originals and are a complete replacement set.

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Prevents the Harkonnen from taking a second free treachery card once OR prevents the Harkonnen from capturing a leader once Prevents the Bene Gesserit from accompanying one shipment OR using the voice once OR using a worthless card as a Karama card once. If used to prevent a worthless card being used as a Karama card both cards are discarded.

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Dune Tournament Rules. World Boardgaming Championships 2014 ... After a player passes during the bid for a treachery card, that player may choose to later enter bidding for the same card again on his normal bidding turn if the card has not already been sold at that time. 3. The Atreides is not permitted to see any free cards drawn by the Harkonnen.

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Dune F.A.Q. Treachery Cards Q: Does the Family Atomics card have an immediate effect if blown when the Storm Marker is over Arrakeen, Imperial Basin, or Carthag? Answer: When the Family Atomics card is used, the sector that the storm currently occupies is never affected. All appropriate sectors into which it moves will be affected.

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DUNE Treachery Cards Chart Use this chart to record any Treachery Card information you may happen to gain. Record the information by writing the letter of the card holder in a space to the right of the card's name. Also, write D for cards which have been discarded. Knowing what cards an opponent might have, even if by process of elimination ...

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reshuffled to restock the Spice Deck and Treachery Deck as necessary. Players now choose factions. Here are a couple of ways for players to choose their faction. 1. Use the faction cards from the Prediction Deck to randomly determine what faction each player will play. Shuffle the cards and deal 1 card …

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