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Making a Suggestion. To make a suggestion, name a suspect, vehicle and destination whose marker is before you. Example: "I suggest that Professor Plum is traveling in the Hot Air Balloon, to the Grand Canyon" By making suggestions throughout the game, it will help you determine – by process of elimination – which three cards comprise the solution.

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Up for sale is the famous CLUEDO board game for sale in great condition. Suitable for the whole family. Instructons included.Suitable for ages 8 and up.Clue, The Classic Murder Mystery Game. Six Suspects. One Murderer. One Weapon. One Location. And, Of Course, One Winner.

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Cluedo Card Game (1992) is a shedding-type card game, where players attempt to match cards featuring the locations, weapons, and characters from the original game with a central pile of cards. Clue Little Detective (1992) Perhaps in one of the biggest departures from the standard game, the object of this game is to be the first to reach the ...

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Cluedo Suspect - Card Game. 103 likes. Nuova versione tascabile del gioco Cluedo! Prova a scoprire chi è l'assassino e raccogli gli indizi per scoprire chi è il sospettato!

Learn how to play with simple to read Cluedo rules

Cluedo is a murder mystery board game where players are detectives attempting to solve a murder in a mansion. There are 6 suspects, 6 weapons in the 9 room mansion and players need to find out 3 things:

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Apr 19, 2017· Setting up the Clue board. At the beginning of the game the Clue cards are separated into categories i.e. rooms, suspects and weapons. And one card of from each of these 3 categories is selected at random and placed in the envelope, so that no-one can see what those 3 cards are - these 3 cards are of the murderer, the room the murder was committed and which weapon was used to kill …

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As you expect, the first detective to solve the crime wins. It's all the fun and intrigue of Clue, in minutes. Special 2 player game for top detectives! This is not Clue Suspects, which is Outside the Scope of BGG. Not to be confused with the two other Clue-themed card games, Clue: The Card Game and Cluedo Card Game.

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Ask questions about the CLUE characters, weapons and locations on your cards to work out who did it, with what and where. The first detective to solve the crime wins! CLUE SUSPECT – it's all the fun and intrigue of CLUE, in minutes! Special 2 player game for top detectives! Contents: 86 cards and instructions. 3-4 players. File Size: 4.17


Cluedo Suspect - Card Game. You can buy it in a toyshop. For more information go to the official webpage Hasbro. · 7y; Auni Syafiqah Abdul Shukor. Ade jual online x · 3y; See more of Cluedo Suspect - Card Game on Facebook. Log In. or.

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Cluedo Suspect (or Clue Suspect in the US) is a card-only version of the popular board game Cluedo/Clue by Hasbro. A lot of board games have recently been given card game adaptions, which makes it easier to bring the games on the move, and makes them far quicker to set up.

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Who was murdered in Cluedo? One of the six original characters of the board game Cluedo, Mrs White, has been killed off by game makers Hasbro. The long-time housekeeper is being replaced by Dr Orchid, who has a PhD in plant toxicology and was home-schooled by Mrs White herself.

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Template:Infobox Game Cluedo: The Card Game (or Clue: The Card Game in the U.S.) is a card game version of the classic board game Cluedo (Clue, in the U.S.). There have been two different games made with the same name. Despite the common name, the games play very differently. One was published by Waddingtons in 1992, the other by Winning Moves Games USA in 2002. 1 Waddingtons' …

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Cluedo (/ ˈ k l uː d oʊ /)—known as Clue in North America—is a murder mystery game for three to six players, devised by Anthony E. Pratt from Birmingham, England.The game was first manufactured by Waddingtons in the UK in 1949. Since then, it has been relaunched and updated several times, and it is currently owned and published by the American game and toy company Hasbro.

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Jul 5, 2016 - Printable clue score sheets in Microsoft Word, Works, PDF free for download.

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Published under Winning Moves' "Top Cards" brand. The game comes in a cardboard packet with a flap to hang on a display rack (when cut off, the box is then 11.5 cm tall). From the packaging: For 3 to 5 players Aged 8 to adult Colonel Mustard, Mrs Peacock and the other famous CLUEDO characters are up to no good. Dr Black is the victim of foul play but this time the guilty party has escaped his ...

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Card game version of Clue in which players must deduce who killed Mr. Boddy, what vehicle they used to escape, and to what destination they are headed. Though this is very similar in name to Cluedo Card Game, the games do not appear to be related except for by theme; also not the same as a third Clue-themed card game, Clue Suspect.

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[C] Cluedo Suspect Playing Card Board Game. Boardgames marked with [C] are not from their country of original source. We are unable to confirm their authenticity. Exact appearance and packaging illustration may differ. Minor imperfection in retail packaging box …

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[C] Cluedo Suspect Playing Card Board Game. Boardgames marked with [C] are not from their country of original source. We are unable to confirm their authenticity. Exact appearance and packaging illustration may differ. Minor imperfection in retail packaging box …

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Jul 10, 2017· PLUS the perfect travel game for clue fans! includes extra cards and special rules for a more advanced game. Includes (2) decks of cards, (1) confidential envelope and illustrated instructions. Clue suspect card game plays in 15-30 minutes, is recommended for ages 8+. for 3-4 players.

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only for the advanced 2-4 player game. Also remove the Telephone cards: these cards are only used in the App game. Your Case Files: ∞ Give each player a set of 12 Case File cards. Each set is marked in the corner with one of four symbols: * Make sure all cards in a set have the same symbol. ∞ Each player is dealt 6 Suspect cards, 3 Location ...

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Dunhill Cluedo (2003) Following in the vein of "luxury" editions of family boardgames, Dunhill released a custom edition of Cluedo designed by British game maker Geoffrey Parker. The game consisted of a hand-inlaid leather clad box, with Sterling silver playing pieces. The design won a British Interior Design Association award in 2008.

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Bluff by asking about one evidence card you do have and one you don't! ADVANCED GAME: For top detectives, add in the + cards (3 orange and 12 white cards) that you removed from regular play. Now you will have 1 extra weapon and 2 extra locations to ask questions about.